From the times of Sushrut (600BC) to the modern era, plastic surgery has evolved into a mega surgical branch which has embraced every other surgical speciality with great dexterity. People rightly call it the filler of the missing link in all the surgical branches.
At Krishna Superspeciality Hospital, we as a team provide State of the art facilities at a reasonable cost.
Complex procedures like Microvascular Tissue transfer, replantation of amputated digits which in the past were distant dreams are now performed here as a routine.

We provide the following services

 Reconstruction- Orthopaedic soft tissue coverage, oncologic reconstruction, coverage of raw
        areas resulting from trauma and infections.

 Maxillofacial injuries

 Congenital defects in face, limbs and genitalia

 Microvascular surgery – repair of nerves, vessels

 Hand surgery

 Cosmetic surgery- Hair transplantation, Liposuction, Body contouring, Botox, Face lift, Breast
        surgeries (Reduction and Augmentation)

 Burn injuries- Acute injury and deformities resulting from the acute injury