The department has quality assurance as a central dogma which is attained by continuous internal quality assurance and validation of diagnosis and test results. As an extension of this central dogma it is implementing an External Quality Assurance Programme in Haemotology and Biochemistry.Our aim to provide accurate, timely and the highest quality diagnostic services so as ensure the best possible patient management and care. Our endeavour is to provide comprehensive services in all these realms to uphold our motto.

Our objectives:
Enhancement of quality systems.
Effective performance measurement & compliance systems.
Continuous Improvement loop
Krishna superspeciality hospital provides facilities in the field of medical testing for the following disciplines:
Clinical biochemistry Haematology SerologyHispatology


The Department of Microbiology is well equipped to teach and diagnose most of the infectious diseases prevalent in the society. The department offers diagnostic services to the hospital regarding Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Immunology and Serology. The department also carries out bacteriological analysis of water, theatre sterility checks, in house disinfectant testing and hospital environmental surveillance. The diagnostic laboratory is well equipped with automated Bact-Alert system for Blood culture, Turbidometry, Walk in incubator and walk in cooler, Biosafety cabinets, and State of the art equipment like Enhanced Chemiluminescence's Immuno Assay for serodiagnosis of HIV, Hepatitis markers and other infectious diseases. The department is also an active participant of the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) and also has Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) for HIV conducted by the Government of India.
Basic Molecular biology equipment like Thermocyler, Gel documentation system, Refrigerated centrifuge etc., are available for research purposes.
The diagnostic segment of the department participates regularly in external quality control programmes.

Our objectives:
ZN Staining (For AFB-Acid Fast Bacilli)
Gram Staining (For Bacteria and Fungi)
Stool Routein and Microscopy
Hanging Drop Preparation for Vibrio like Motility of Stools Samples
Sterility Checking of Aerobic Swaps (Pre & Post Fumigation , Autoclaved Kits)
Checking of Working Strength of Disinfectants
Culture & Sensitivity
Blood, Pus, Sputum, Throat Swap, Urine, CSF, Stool, Pleural Fluid, Peritionial Fluid, Foley’s Catheter Tip, Central Line Tip, Suction Tube Tip, E.T. Tube, Other Body Fluid