The Department of EAR NOSE & THROAT is one of the pioneer department of Krishna Super Speciality. It has over the year's evolved into one of the most advanced & sophisticated centers of Kanpur, however the basic philosophy of the founder member's of the hospital is still being maintained - “to provide medical facilities of the highest standard at an affordable cost to all segments of society & to do charitable work, to promote academic excellence, to share professional knowledge with all colleagues”.

Service Available in E.N.T Department at Krishna Super Speciality Hospital:-

Mastoidectomy with Tympanoplasty
Myringotomy with grommet
Facial Nerve Decompression
Puretone Audiometery & Hearing Aids both Digital & Non-digital
Renula Excision
Tongue tie Ericision
D/L Biopsy (Direct Laryngoscopy)
Functional Endoscopic Surgery
Nasalbone Fracture reduction
Endoscopic Dacryo Cystio Rhinostomy
Caldwall Luc Surgery
Foreignbody Removal From Ear, Nose & Throat
Endoscopic Examination of E.N.T