Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
It is a 15-bed Coronary Care Unit & a 15-bed Post-Intervention Unit. Beds in both the units are equipped with acute cardiac care monitors.
The CCU is supported with ventilators from SIEMENS (Germany), IABP (DatascopeXT-U.S.A.), blood gas analyzer (U.S.A.), ECHO and C-arm fluoroscopy for bedside cardiac procedures.

Dynamic Lab
Treadmill (TMT) from MORTARA (U.S.A) with telemetry, Color Doppler ECHO (Sonos-4500) from Hewlett Packard (U.S.A.), Holter Recorder Analyzer from Hewlett Packard (U.S.A) and Pulmonary Function Lab (Morgan U.K.) constitute the dynamic lab where patients are evaluated non-invasively.
The Department of Cardiology has full-fledged set up for electrophysiology and pacing including biventricular pacing and AICD implantations. In addition to coronary, all other peripheral and cardiac interventional procedures are performed regularly.

Non Invasive Cardiac Investigations:

Echo Colour Doppler Study of Heart, TEE
Stress ECHO
Holter Monitoring
Pulmonary Function Test
Doppler Study of Carotid Vessels
Peripheral Vascular Doppler
Triage Test to confirm Heart Attack