Welcome to the Intensive care division of Krishna Super Speciality Hospital, Kanpur. It is a centre of excellence for managing patients who are in potentially life threatening situations.
Therefore it provide hope of survival to many critically ill patients, which is carried out by 24X7 dedicated intensive care team, specialists' and super specialists of our panel.

 Respiratory failure type I & II (Bipap & Ventilatory support ) Compromised Airways
 Angina, MI lethal Cardiac arrhythmias and Cardiac Failure, Temporary Pacing etc.
 Head injury, Strokes and Brain Tumors .
 Hemodynamic Instability (Hypotension & Hypertension)
 Acute Renal Failure, Chronic Renal Failure.
 Multiple Organ System Failure and Sepsis
 Road Traffic Accidents, Polytrauma.
 All Kind of Poisonings.
 Post Operative pain management of long duration surgeries and joint replacement surgery.
Dedicated Burn Unit